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Sunrise on the Big Lake

Out on the dark water before dawn Sharon witnessed many amazing sunrises as a commercial fisherwoman in her twenties. This is her archetypical vision of the sun breaching the horizon on Lake Superior.

10” X 20”
kilnworked glass on painted cradleboard

Shen Cycle

Living in nature on the North Shore with her changing seasons directly effects an artist’s creativity. This rhythm from warm light or yang to cold dark or yin is the Shen Cycle in the Chinese healing system.

Series of 5    13.25” circles
kilnworked glass w/ wood frames

(1 of 5 )

Wood/Spring feeds Fire/Summer which turns to Earth/Autumn and over time develops Metal/Late Fall and Water/Winter which is necessary for Spring growth. Spring is a time for increased energy and new ideas. Summer is a bursting with fullness which is then balanced and brought into fruition in Late Summer. In the Fall this energy turns inward to dream and in Winter those seeds created rest in contemplation.

Summer (2 of 5)
Late Summer (3 of 5)
Fall (4 of 5)
Winter (5 of 5)

Listening for Flowers

Listening for Flowers was carved in the depths of winter by Steve from a select piece of maple that caught his eye in their firewood pile.

8” X 9” X 19”
carved maple sculpture w/ figured maple base and brass pin


Proximity is two pieces of wood that have an energetic relationship. Steve saw them together and determined that the pair could not be separated and would be positioned with “ma ai” or a significant distance from one another.

5.25” X 13.5” X 15”
carved maple figure pair w/ mahogany and walnut base

As Steals the Morn Upon the Night

As Steals the Morn Upon the Night, a line from one of Steve’s favorite songs by Handel, is interpreted in this artwork. It speaks to the dispelling of confusion or darkness by the coming of the light which brings clarity.

9.5” X 16” X 18”
dalles de verre w/ laminated wood and steel stand


Since beginning glass fusing in 2001 Sharon has explored and repeatedly attempted to capture the elusive northern lights in glass. This wall piece is a fun, more abstract version.

12” X 12” 
kilnworked glass on painted cradleboard

Tears That Feed the Seeds of Change

A bow to Georgia O’Keefe, this wall piece was created following a visit to a museum of her work in Santa Fe, NM. Overwhelmed by the global tragedies of our times Sharon envisions hope and healing through compassion and love.

10” X 20”
kilnworked glass on a painted cradleboard

Playing again with fracturing the natural rigidity and brittleness of glass Sharon lets the light shine through the transparent background of Waiting. How long until the fissures reach the heart of the piece, the egg gently cradled safely its nest, to release its growing magic?

10” X 10”
kilnworked glass in cherry frame

Meadow in Bloom

Meadow in Bloom is what Sharon sees mid-summer out of her studio window when the Devil’s Paintbrush cover the Frykmans’ fields in bright orange swaths. The piece is an experiment, layering cut pieces and granulated glass with multiple firings to create depth. Steve created the welded steel stand.

12″ X 6″
kilnworked glass

Fall into Winter

Fall Into Winter was first designed as a concept for one of two 3 1/2’ X 9’ kilnworked glass & steel installations the Frykmans are completing for the new entrance at the North Shore Hospital in Grand Marais. Sharon loved the drawing and decided to create it as a smaller piece.

10″ X 20″
kilnworked glass

Companion Ravens II

Companion Ravens is a fun piece! They are such intelligent birds with personality and are one of the few species to make and use tools. Ravens are curious, playful, and interesting to observe. When one finds food he or she actually calls out to others to share.

16″ X 21.5″
kilnworked glass

Silent Night

The glass lends itself to the fractured transparent nature of ice in this moonlit Lake Superior icescape by Sharon. On this calm winter night it was so unbelievably quiet that all you could hear was the periodic cracking of the ice and the deep rhythmic ’boing’ of the water underneath.

30” X 20”
kilnworked glass on painted cradleboard

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