Art of the Elements Gallery

Easily Avoid Road Construction
Take Highway 7 to County Road 44
Just stay off County Road 45

Discover art off the beaten path at Art of the Elements Gallery. This indoor/outdoor gallery at the Frykmans’ studio and home enables them to share their love of art with anyone willing to make the trek yet continue working on their own creative projects, a win/win. 

Enjoy a unique and memorable experience by walking through their sculpture garden with its backdrop of North Shore meadow and forest, or head directly in to the gallery space adjoining our working studio.

Throughout the summer and early fall, Sharon and Steve feature nine or ten artists who work in a wide range of media, such as fused glass, pastels, and paintings in oil, acrylic and watercolor. There are sculptures in stone, metal, and wood. Our community of artists and their original, one-of-a-kind pieces change over the course of the season, so each visit to the Art of the Elements Gallery and Frykman Art Studio is different than the one before. 

Read bio’s on highlighted artists here.

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